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Initiative Team

Michael Yassa
Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory

Marcelo Wood
Chair, Neurobiology and Behavior
UCI School of Biological Sciences

Christine Gall
Chair, Anatomy and Neurobiology
School of Medicine

Ruth Benca
Chair, Psychiatry and Human Behavior
School of Medicine

Tahseen Mozaffar
Chair, Neurology
School of Medicine

Linda Levine
Professor, Psychology and Social Behavior
School of Social Sciences

Greg Hickok
Professor, Cognitive Science
School of Social Sciences

David Ihrig
Claire Trevor School of Arts

Frithjof Kruggel
Professor, Biomedical Engineering
School of Engineering

Yunxia Lu
School of Population Health

Alison Holman
Associate Professor
Sue and Bill Gross School of Nursing

Robert Spitale
Assistant Professor
School of Pharmacy

Susanne Jaeggi
Associate Professor
School of Education

Amal Alachkar
Associate Adjunct Profeessor

Susan Charles
Associate Dean
Graduate Division