Initiative Team

team: michael yassa

Michael Yassa
Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory

team: marcelo wood

Marcelo Wood
Chair, Neurobiology and Behavior
UCI School of Biological Sciences

team: christine gail

Christine Gall
Chair, Anatomy and Neurobiology
School of Medicine

team: ruth benca

Ruth Benca
Chair, Psychiatry and Human Behavior
School of Medicine

team: tahseen mozaffar

Tahseen Mozaffar
Chair, Neurology
School of Medicine

team: linda levine

Linda Levine
Professor, Psychology and Social Behavior
School of Social Sciences

team: Greg Hickok

Greg Hickok
Professor, Cognitive Science
School of Social Sciences

team: David Ihrig

David Ihrig
Claire Trevor School of the Arts

team: Frithjof Kruggel

Frithjof Kruggel
Professor, Biomedical Engineering
School of Engineering

team: Yunxia Lu

Yunxia Lu
School of Population Health

team: Alison Holman

Alison Holman
Associate Professor
Sue and Bill Gross School of Nursing

team: Robert Spitale

Robert Spitale
Assistant Professor
School of Pharmacy

team: Susanne Jaeggi

Susanne Jaeggi
Associate Professor
School of Education

team: Amal Alachkar

Amal Alachkar
Associate Adjunct Profeessor

team: Susan Charles

Susan Charles
Associate Dean
Graduate Division