UCI Brain & Dimensions Team Science Development Tool

Access to UCI’s paid Dimensions account will end on August 15, 2021
You can still access the free version of Dimensions by signing up for an account.

UCI Brain has contracted with Dimensions for UCI’s neuroscience faculty teams to have premium access to this comprehensive data platform with features including the ability to cross-access research publications, awarded grants, patents, clinical trials, and policy documents. This tool has helped researchers transcend traditional academic silos by organizing data by concepts and allowing researchers with similar interests to discover each other regardless of field.
Use Dimensions to:

  • Conduct more efficient publication searches: find and access what you need, faster
  • Analyze the impact of your own research and others across your field
  • Explore over $1.3tn in research funding, and get information to improve your next funding application
  • Identify potential collaborators and track emerging topics


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