Sponsored Training Programs

Image of student examining brain scans on computer

Howard Schneiderman Interdisciplinary Program in Learning and Memory

The program’s goal is to train the next generation of innovative leaders in  neuroscience by empowering them with the skills, knowledge, and team science core values  necessary to comprehensively understand the neural basis of learning and memory.

A shilouette of a man with his brain replaced with a galaxy. The background is a bunch of equations

Epilepsy Research Training Program

The Epilepsy  Research Training Program provides graduate students and postdoctoral fellows with a broad  basic, translational and clinical understanding of Epilepsy.  

A student looks at something through a microscope

Training Program in Substance Use Disorders

The goal of the Training Program is to train the next generation of innovative researchers in the field of addiction neuroscience by leveraging the exceptional strength in neuroscience at UCI, and the new centers focused on addiction research, to provide an educational and research experience that will position trainees as new leaders in the field.

A nurse shows an elderly patient her brain scan

Training in the Neurobiology of Aging

This training program emphasizes preparation and instruction in molecular and quantitative approaches to the elucidation of the cellular and molecular mechanisms of age-related neurodegeneration, brain plasticity during aging, and age-related changes in learning and memory.

A stethoscope lays on a computer showing an MRI scan while a hand writes on paper in the background

Training in Translational Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroscience

The REC training program aims to generate the next cutting-edge, innovative and  collaborative generation of ADRD researchers. The underlying educational principle is to  provide foundational training (e.g., professional skills, learning to mentor, basics of ADRD) and  build on this with mentoring in a team science collaborative environment that will facilitate  bench to clinic research.

A man looking through a microscope

Interdisciplinary Training Program in Hearing Research

This grant supports graduate students and postdoctoral fellows training in interdisciplinary hearing research. The training program encourages interdisciplinary participation in all CHR activities (seminars, journal clubs, annual conferences) through oral and poster presentations to scientifically diverse audiences of basic and clinical scientists.

A lab student injects something into a test tube

Visual Sciences Training Program

This Training Grant  is organized according to four major vision science research themes: (a) Retinal Development  and Function; (b) Retinal Disorders: Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) and Age-related Macular  Degeneration (AMD); (c) Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Immunology of Eye Diseases; and (d)  Genetics, Physiology, and Epidemiology of Eye Diseases. These themes, involving groups of  collaborating faculty, students and postdoctoral fellows, provide a natural way to organize the  training program. In addition, there is a strong translational theme focused on therapeutic  discovery that is an important aspect of all four research clusters.

3D render of a brain surrounded by red and grey virus cells with a red background.

Training Program in Neuroimmunology

The Neuroimmunology Training  Program (NITP) at UCI seeks to develop and train the next generation of researchers in both  fields with a cross-disciplinary approach focused on the interplay between the immune and  nervous systems during disease. The NITP will provide an outstanding opportunity for trainees  in the areas of critical human diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis,  epilepsy, spinal cord injury, and viral encephalopathies.  

3D Modeled image of clear blue cells with a blue nucleus

Training Program in Stem Cell Translational Medicine for Neurological Disorders

The goal of the Training Program in Stem Cell  Translational Medicine for Neurological Disorders is to provide opportunities for graduate  student trainees to perform translational "bench" research that could treat human neurological  disease and injury.  

A hand draws on a tablet with a stylus while equations are surrounding the image

Mathematical, Computational and Systems Biology

The goal of UCI's MCSB program is to provide students from a variety of educational  backgrounds with Ph.D. training suitable for research careers in the nascent field of Systems  Biology. The program emphasizes in-depth classroom study, interdisciplinary research  rotations, and individualized advising.