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The History and Future of Brain Research

Video Resources on the History and Future of Brain Research

UCI Brain is putting together video resource pages around important brain-related topics. These playlists include videos from various departments across campus and are centered around an overarching theme.

This video resource page includes perspectives on past and future brain research. If you would like to submit a video for inclusion, please contact us.

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Blue columns meet each other at the ends and smaller yellow cylinders send yellow balls to each other

The History of Brain Research

Historical Perspectives on Brain and Memory

James L. McGaugh, Ph.D.
University of California, Irvine

July 2018

How thinking about memory has changed in the past 35 years

Lynn Nadel, Ph.D.
University of Arizona

July 2018

The Future of Brain Research

Advancing Brain Research in the US and Beyond

Caroline Montojo, Ph.D.
The Kavli Foundation

July 2018

How Will Brain Science Shape Your Future?
UCI Brain Launch Event – Fireside Chat

November 2019