The Conte Center @ UCI is soliciting applications for up to 4 grants. Each grant will be funded up to $30,000 for innovative basic and translational research projects focusing on brain plasticity, including how experiences may influence the brain and thus contribute tovulnerability to cognitive and mental illness.

We are seeking studies employing innovative concepts and/or cutting-edge methods. Proposals may involve human subjects or animal models or both. Projects employing molecular (including epigenetics and bioinformatics), cellular, circuit / systems or functional/behavioral in vivo approaches, in vivo- imaging, or computational / modeling strategies and multidisciplinary approaches are welcome. Projects will be judged based on their significance, innovation and relevance to the goals of the Conte Center Unpredictable Early- Life Experiences, Aberrant Circuit Maturation and Emotional Vulnerabilities: (A few relevant key words: Unpredictable experiences, early-life adversity, the QUIC, anhedonia, brain circuit maturation, plasticity, learning and memory).

DEADLINE: Friday, March 11, 2022 – 11:59PM

Eligibility, application procedures and review process and criteria:

UCI full-time Assistant Professors (or equivalent), Project Scientists, and Senior Post-Docs are eligible.

Application should be a single PDF document, typed in 11 font size with 0.5’ margins including: 1) Title page including project title, lead PI(s) and working title(s), and home department
2) Abstract / Project Description (<300 words)
3) A four-page research plan including:
a) Specific Aims
b) Significance/Impact
c) Approach/Design
4) NIH Biosketches of Applicant(s) in four-page format.
5) A one-page itemized budget and justification (PI Salary and Equipment not allowed )

Review criteria:

1) Excellence and innovation of the proposed studies and the applicant
2) Feasibility and likelihood of success
3) Likelihood of generating foundational data for future extramural funding
4) Relevance to the goals and mission of the Center

Applications should be e-mailed to James Weinstock, by 11:59 pm Friday, March 11, 2022.

Applications will undergo review by a committee consisting of external referees and Center members.
Awardees will be announced by April 11, 2022.

Funds are for a one-year period. Requests may be for any amount up to and not exceeding $30,000. Awardees will provide a six-month interim report and a twelve-month final report. PI(s) willpresent their project and data to members of the Conte Center as well as participate in the Conte Center Annual Symposium.

Questions should be directed to James Weinstock,

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